Burmese Tattoo Weight and Rod

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These weights came from a collection of tribal artefacts in the USA.

Reference: Noel F. Singer, Arts of Asia, March 1988, “TATTOO WEIGHTS FROM BURMA” page 74:

“The one and a half foot long instrument was usually made in three sections: the point; the middle, which was hollow although not intended for storing the pigment; and the decorated top, which acted as a weight to steady the hand of the tattooist.

These weights, which consisted of a variety of subjects, were made in the shape of alchemists, demons, humans, birds, animals and mythological creatures…
The type of weight also determined the kind of pattern to be tattooed. Since the weights were detachable, a master tattooist would carry several on his person and use them according to the type of design he was commissioned to execute. The effect of these figures would have been purely psychological for the average peasant; the mere sight of the tattooist actually handling and using a particular type of figure implied that he had absolute control over the spirit presented by it , and as the dye was pricked into the flesh so would the spirits power and protection spread all over his body.”


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