c.1920’s Practical Exemplar of Architecture – Exteriors – Plate 49


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Practical Exemplar of Architecture, Sir Mervyn Edmund Macartney, (1853-1932)


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The practical examples of architecture are measured drawings and photographs of examples of architectural details selected.

This collection of folios by Sir Mervyn Edmund Macartney, (1853-1932) in the early 1900’s is a six-volume publication of plates incorporating photographs and measured drawings of exemplary architecture. Curated by architect Mervyn E. Macartney, the selections included in each of the six volumes establish ‘reliable and correct’ design articulations that canonize architectural expression.

Documented elements establish a roster of architecture and design essentials whose right execution is meant to function as a safeguard against shoddy adaptation and imitation. The first series examines balustrades in various materials, cornices, gate and wall piers, screens and more. Similarly, the remaining five installments deal in a whole host of visual documentation that establishes the architectural practice as a puzzle craft executed through the assembly of rightly articulated elements.

Dimensions 33 x 22.5 cm

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